“The contemporary Italian food in the sophisticated atmosphere.”
That is our concept in Ristorante YAMAZAKI.
Yajima chef had learned in Tokyo and Milan will produce a taste of Ristorante Yamazaki.
The Italian cuisine with drawer without a lot of food, to examine seasonal ingredients.
It would be to give you happiness and peacefulness.



When Italian food was known only to be pizza or spaghetti in Japan,
“Ristorante YAMAZAKI” was opened in April 1986 by the owner, Yamazaki,
who was inspired to open up one of those typical Italian restaurants that she loved in Italy.

At that time in Italy, “Nuova Cuccina” as the modern food was becoming popular,
and “Ristorante YAMAZAKI” invited a Japanese younger cook who worked for “Ristorante Gualtiero Marchesi” that had received three stars in Michelin guide, and that was the beginning of tour history.

Various talented chefs had taken part in our 22 years of history, and our customers include celebrities, actors and politicians.

After renovating in October 2008, we has begun the new history of “Ristorante YAMAZAKI”.

We look forward to creating Italian food with seasonal fresh ingredients that melts in your mouth and the service in the service in the sophisticated atmosphere that warms your heart.


1986-89 Yutaka Terashima
1989-90 Yoshimi Hidaka
1990-01 Ryuichi Hamasaki
2001-04 Yutaka Terashima
2004-07 Masahiro Takeda
2008-14 Ryo Takatsuka
2015- Naoki Yajima