Junko Yamazaki has an unyielding passion for the restaurant business.
The manager, she left Louis Vuitton Japan in 1983 and moved to Milan where she gained the knowledge of Italian culture.
Its food, varying from Italian delicacy to home-made dishes, inspired her to open up an Italian restaurant in Japan.

In 1985, she invited a Japanese chef, who was cooking in “Ristorante Gualtiero Marchesi” in Milan, and opened up “Ristorante YAMAZAKI”.

Yamazaki is devoted to create the modern and elegant atmosphere, in which customers can enjoy the best food and service.

Junko Yamazaki Owner

Born in 1978 and raised in Tokyo.
In college, awakening to the restaurant service in “Hotel New Otani”, joined the “Ristorante Yamazaki”.
After working about five years, had learned to training in the winery and in touch of culture in Italy and France.
He has worked as a sommelier than pre-opening of “Mandarin Oriental Tokyo”.
In January 2009 after renovating, He came back to be appointed to the manager and chef sommelier in “Ristorante Yamazaki”.
He strives every day to be able to serve to our guests.
In the fascinating cuisine and the essence of elegant wine, It would be to remember the excitement with surprise as the moment of bliss.

Takayuki Ota Manager / Chef Sommelier



Naoki Yajima brings about 4 years of culinary experience in Italy to “Ristorante YAMAZAKI” on January 2015.
Born in 1981 and raised in Saitama, Yajima decided to change jobs to cook from the system engineer when the 23 year old.
He moved to Italy after studying about 6 years in “Ristorante Hamasaki” in Minami-Aoyama.
He Workd in “Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia” (Lombardy) that has received two stars in Michelin guide, “Arnolfo” (Tuscany), “Caffè Sicilia” (Sicily), “il Centro” (Piedmont).
In every dishes that satisfy and smile on people, I want to tell the joyful of Restaurant.

Naoki Yajima Chef